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ReferencePoint Digital is dedicated to providing quality unbiased educational resources for middle and high school classrooms and libraries.

ReferencePoint Digital is a division of ReferencePoint Press.

Established in 2006, ReferencePoint Press is an independent educational publishing house focused on high-quality series nonfiction for grades 6-12 learners and researchers. Our experienced editorial team strives to create clear, accessible and thoroughly researched books and digital content. More than just a source of raw “information” each ReferencePoint-title serves as a foundation for student assignments and learning by providing relevant background, context, perspective, statistics, and supporting images on current and historical topics. This disciplined editorial focus and mission has built our reputation as a go-to source for libraries and classrooms serving young adults. Our titles consistently receive favorable reviews from authoritative library and education journals and are included in many core collection recommendations.

ReferencePoint titles include pedagogical features that support grades 6–12 Common Core State Standards such as source notes, primary sources, multiple points of view, statistical illustrations and maps. Our focus is on core curriculum areas including current issues, social studies, history and health/science. We publish 75 new titles annually and offer both print and eBook versions for all of our 500+ titles.

ReferencePoint books, eBooks, and databases are available direct from us and from distributors everywhere. If you have any questions regarding our books or how to purchase them please contact us at 888-479-6436 or by email at Our staff is always happy to help. We look forward to hearing from you.

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